e-Wallet System

e-Wallet System

With the world going mobile and cashless, it’s only natural that our money is turning digital, too. Smartphones is now dominant in Internet usage, and e-commerce’s next big push will take place on handheld screens instead of on desktop computers. For businesses to engage with modern consumers, developing secure, all-in-one digital or mobile wallets is the way forward.

Combine banking and credit card payment info, personal data, transaction records and more into one digital location that makes transferring relevant information fast and easy, and new users will come. Here at MiFun, we can customise access via virtual issuing tools for any community or customer base such as virtual wallets in mobile apps, contactless cards, magnetic stripe cards, smart chip cards, and more. Our e-wallet system includes pre-paid wallet, points wallet to crypto wallet, to name a few.

Community owners retain the flexibility to customise their sites’ transaction profiles including restricting limits, charging fees and issuing loyalty points, all in a secure system.

Our e-Wallet system features:

  • Custom Mobile Wallet Application Development : We develop custom e-wallet applications with the ability to manage digital debit and credit cards, prepaid gift cards, different cryptocurrencies, and direct access to bank accounts. We facilitate payments via Near Field Communication (NFC), Quick Response (QR), Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), and peer-to-peer (P2P).
  • Full Mobile Wallet Solutions : We can develop features for receipt generation and archiving, reward points and loyalty card tracking, and digital ID management, including virtual driver's licenses. We program security features like fingerprint scanning and fraud protection solutions (including MinFraud integrations)
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development : We develop bitcoin (and other crypto) wallet apps for trading, liquidating, and purchasing, as well as hardware wallets for storing bitcoins offline. Features include public and private key management, exchange platform access, and mapping apps for finding brick-and-mortar Bitcoin vendors.
  • Mobile Wallets for Merchants : Our business-focused digital wallet apps are programmed for consistency between tablets, mobile phones, and desktops. We integrate features like invoice generation, time-tracking for freelancers and contractors, Automated Clearing House (ACH) interfacing, and cost-splitting allowance.
  • Mobile Wallet Integration : We leverage open-source APIs to add mobile wallet functionality to applications and websites. Our third-party mobile wallet integrations cover Google Wallet, Apple Pay, MasterPass, and more. We integrate digital wallets with third-party POS software from CardFlight, Equinox, Ingenico, and Clover.

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